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Which Assurance Services Minimize Threats Most Effectively?

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Every organization with critical data and confidential information wants to prepare themselves for the worst. Like security breaches, unavailability of data and backup data loss can make any organization face not only the loss in revenue but also customer retention. So, here we are going to mention the assurance services which can help organizations in mitigating and minimizing threats effectively.

Assurance services
The following assurance services are a gateway between the security systems and potential vulnerabilities, preparing the organizations against threats.

Penetration testing
The firewalls, updating passwords and antiviruses alone are not enough to ensure 100% information security in an organization. So, there is a need to exploit the system’s features to mitigate threats and vulnerabilities. In this regard, penetration testing does the credibility analysis of any organization to reveal the security control’s vulnerabilities and faulty processes which can be a threat to organization asset. Pen testers usually launch a simulated cyber attack to check which of the vulnerabilities are exploitable. They also get detail information about system background and information, such as any backdoor left by the developer or un-sanitized inputs that are susceptible to code injection attacks. By performing penetration testing, organizations get real feedback from hacker’s point of view about assets and get a clear direction for how they can secure their organization from future threats.

Vulnerability Management
The vulnerability assessment is an assurance service help to identify, treat, evaluate and report on the vulnerabilities present in any system and software of organizations. It helps in identifying the zero-day vulnerability and makes the computer devices strong connected in a network. The real contextualize severity of any vulnerability in your organization provides the vulnerability validation to minimize the attack surface. More the vulnerability management is efficient; the more organization are safe against any security breach.

Simulated Phishing exercise
Social engineering attacks are a significant threat and can be efficiently handled by conducting training sessions in employees. The training sessions include the simulated attack containing the phishing links or social engineering tactics to aware the employees how they should respond to spam links and not let the confidential information of organization comprised.

Corporate Password Auditing
The corporate password auditing assurance service works the same as penetration testing. Still, it tests the whole network against traffic interception, dictionary attacks, Thwarting password attacks, keylogger, brute force attack and social engineering attempts. It helps the employees in setting strong passwords after decrypting the previous passwords by extracting hashes. So, this assurance service mitigates the weak passwords, which are threats and suggest the strong one to prepare systems against any hacker’s password cracking attempt.

Open Source Threat Intelligence service
It is an open-source threat intelligence service which provides efficient IoC and indicators, advanced filtering functionalities and information about threat actors, malware, RAT, ransomware or MITRE ATT&CK. So, utilizing these information organizations can plan for future threats efficiently.

Besides the assurance services we provided above API, perimeter network analysis and checking for application programming exploitable vulnerabilities can make an organization strong enough against every threat and prepare for future threats with a robust threat modelling plan.