The cyber extortion by damaging, releasing and seizing electronic data can crash the businesses. Hackers launch denial of service and ransomware attacks to perform the cyberextortion. Ransomeware initiates malware to block the access of electronic data.

Organizations must prepare themselves for ransomware.

The small, medium or large businesses, face ransomware through screen lockers, scareware, Doxware, RaaS and encryption ransomware. Sometimes implementing the security policies, security updates and awareness pieces of training can not stop ransomware. During those situations, ransomware insurance could be of great help for organizations.

Do you need assistance or cyber liability coverage in ransomware?

Hacwatch provides cyber extortion coverage with insurance policies:

  • Insurance money to pay for Ransome demands.
  • Cost to hire the forensic expert to check for the compromised system path to apply for insurance money. Forensic experts further provide documentation to set the security policy to cope with future cybersecurity incidents.
  • Cost to hire cybersecurity experts to negotiate and freeing IT infrastructure from cybercriminals.
  • Repairing the cost of IT infrastructures such as to repair, restore and backup of software and data. Hacwatch has the cybersecurity insurance experts’ team utilize cyber liability insurance policies and help organizations get the insurance money for their compromised IT infrastructure due to ransomware.