Hacwatch experts check for the cybersecurity compliance in the organizations to save them from the GDPR and HIPPA fines.

GDPR set standards for sensitive personal data. It sets the fine up to 10 million euros against the breach of customers data attached to businesses.

HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act ) Compliance Failure Legal Consequences.

Violating HIPAA compliance is one of the most sensitive violations that have many legal consequences, some of which are listed below.


If a facility has violated HIPAA compliance, then the penalty may result in hefty fines depending upon the loss level. HIPAA fines for breaches with min $100 to max of $11,500,000 per violation depending upon the violation's nature.


In the case of HIPAA compliance violation, a person may be charged with a criminal penalty if someone willingly breaches PHI. Jail time for obtaining data of a person through fraud is up to 5years imprisonment. To get PHI of someone to harm may result in imprisonment of up to 10 years in jail time.


IF a single individual follows HIPAA compliance failure, the person is at risk of termination and may also terminate the responsible person's medical license. Hacwatch experts guide the companies to get the insurance policies to get rid of GDPR and HIPPA fines if any security breach occurs in the organization.