Breach Insurance

Breach insurance helps your business respond to breaches and can offer enough protection for small business owners.

Breach Insurance Coverage

This insurance helps you respond to a breach if PII or PHI gets lost or stolen, whether it’s from a hacker breaking into your network, or an employee accidentally leaving their laptop at a restaurant.
If your small business is the victim of a breach, data breach coverage can help pay to:
  • Notify affected customers, patients or employees
  • Hire a public relations firm
  • Offer credit monitoring services to data breach victims

Data Breach Cost Calculator

Important information: The output of the Data Breach Cost Calculator are estimates and are presented for educational purposes only. Actual data breach costs will vary from breach to breach. Data breach costs may be significantly higher due to possible regulatory fines, class action lawsuits, PCI fines, loss of revenue, loss of customers/patients, etc. This calculator is not intended to predict insurable costs and has no bearing on any insurance policy.
Incident Investigation
Breach Coach: ?
Forensics: ?
Notification and Crisis Management
Crisis Management: ?
Notification: ?
Call Center: ?
Credit Monitoring: ?
Total Cost
Coverage Details $250,000 Policy $1,000,000 Policy
Retention Deductible
Enterprise Security Event Claim

Privacy Regulation Claim

Crisis Management Expense

Fraud Response Expense

Public Relation Expense

Forensic & Legal Expense

Mitigation Expense


GDPR Privacy Claims
Computer Extortion Expense
PCI – Re-certification

Social Engineering

Telecom Theft
E-Theft Expense