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To deliver high quality, innovative cybersecurity services and solutions that protect clients from malicious activity and security breaches.

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Providing World Class Security Services

Email Security

Stop Tomorrow Phishing Attacks Today! Focus on post-delivery, detection and remediation, where email security hurts the most.

Penetration Test

How's Your Security Posture? Identify security weaknesses that expose your environment to malicious attacks.

Website Security

We ensure that your website is safe from unauthorized access and malicious attacks

Risk Assessment

Customized BCP, Disaster Recovery Plan, Business Impact assessment based on risk.


Around The Clock Protection? 24/7x365 Eyes on glass real time detection of threat, suspicious, and malicious activity.

Threat Hunting

Who's Hiding In The Shadows? Search and find adversaries hiding in your network before they can execute an attack.

Security Training

Training Absolutely Important Stay up to date with the latest threats to protect your organization and employees.


Take the first steps to ensure your organization comply with external laws, internal policies and regulation bodies.

Can You Survive A Data Breach?

Important information: The output of the Data Breach Cost Calculator are estimates and are presented for educational purposes only. Actual data breach costs will vary from breach to breach. Data breach costs may be significantly higher due to possible regulatory fines, class action lawsuits, PCI fines, loss of revenue, loss of customers/patients, etc. This calculator is not intended to predict insurable costs and has no bearing on any insurance policy.
Incident Investigation
Breach Coach: ?
Forensics: ?
Notification and Crisis Management
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Credit Monitoring: ?
Total Cost
Early Detections through Threat Intelligence
Stop threats before they destroy your business
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Security professionals sharing threat intelligence

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Suspicious URLS analyzed per day

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Suspicious files analyzed

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Unique malware samples analyzed per day

How's Your Security Posture
Managed Detection & Response
  • Asset Discovery

    Understanding network architecture is essential to enhance the level of security, checking the active and inactive status of all assets is a starting point.

  • Behavioral Monitoring

    Simplify your incident response in investigating the operational issue and potential security incident better. We identify patterns and network anomalies

  • File Integrity Monitoring

    Understanding network architecture is essential to enhance the level of security, checking the active and inactive status of all assets is a starting point.

  • Intrusion Detection

    The emerging threats in a network are the main challenge for security professionals to find out.

  • Security Intelligence (SIEM)

    Identify, contain, and remediate threats in your network by prioritizing your risk and response.

  • Vulnerability Assessment

    HacWatch performs network vulnerability testing and secures your network assets from the following vulnerabilities which could compromise the security of the network: • Internal network vulnerabilities which can expose your network security policies and lead to the expose of whole network security • Inefficient patch deployment and remediation strategies

HacDefense Security Training

HacDefense is the most comprehensive solution trusted by many organizations. Learn how to secure your business from phishing emails and stay up to date on the lates cyber tactics.

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