Our Mission

To deliver high quality, innovative cybersecurity services and solutions that protect clients from malicious activity and security breaches. We’ve developed, implemented and managed continuous monitoring strategies that ensure timely identification and protection from potential cybersecurity threats. 

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Providing World Class Security Services

  • Managed Detection & Response
  • Compliance Management
  • Security Awareness
  • Cyber Insurance

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Managed Detection & Response

Threat detection at the highest level. Real time network security monitoring and incident analysis.

We provide following services in it:

  • Network Intrusion Detection
  • File Integrity Monitoring
  • Log Management
  • Asset Discovery
  • Behavioral Monitoring
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Endpoint Detection

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Compliance Management

Regular assessment to ensure your organization stays compliant.

We provide following services in it:

  • PCI-DSS Assessment
  • HIPAA Assessment
  • GDPR Assessment

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Security Awareness

92% of data breaches are caused by human error. Cisco says, "Companies shouldn't just throw technology at the problem. Up-skilling users and making them more cyber-aware is vital."

What can we do?

45-minute annual Security Awareness Training course – Reduce employee-induced errors with cybersecurity training. Includes a quiz and printable certificate upon the employee’s successful completion.

But I have Breach Insurance...

Unfortunately, not all standard business insurance policies cover cyber events like data breaches, ransomware, and business email compromise, or the expenses associated with them. It's important to understand what coverage is included in a cyber insurance policy so you can be sure to choose the one that best fits your business needs.

Data Breach Cost Calculator

Important information: The output of the Data Breach Cost Calculator are estimates and are presented for educational purposes only. Actual data breach costs will vary from breach to breach. Data breach costs may be significantly higher due to possible regulatory fines, class action lawsuits, PCI fines, loss of revenue, loss of customers/patients, etc. This calculator is not intended to predict insurable costs and has no bearing on any insurance policy.
Incident Investigation
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Notification and Crisis Management
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    HacWatch has proven to be very knowledgeable and easy to work with. They have provided us with security recommendations and have implemented processes we use every day to improve our network security performance.

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    HacWatch expertise and services have dramatically improved the security of our network. We highly recommend them to any company desiring to protect their sensitive information from intrusions and threats.

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